The Life and Times of a Musical Genius

If you like music blogs, you're at the right place. My name is Austin and I am a pianist. This blog is about my life as a musician and what happens around me. Join me as I take you on my journey of becoming a Billionaire! If you have any questions or if you want to chat, Click "Ask Austin" and i'll respond as soon as possible so hit me up!
Jan 12 '13

Jan 12 '13

Nov 11 '12

Do you hear that? That’s me!

Nov 11 '12

Join Me!

May 23 '12

Click Play AND Write To This!

May 22 '12

New Track For Ya Earz!

Mar 5 '12

I was just having fun.

Mar 4 '12

This is Izy. Even though she doesn’t quantize while making the beat, her sound is unique.

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Mar 4 '12

This is Ryan M. Tedder. The bass line is my favorite part. He goes in!

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Mar 3 '12

Trying To Turn Myself Around

This morning, I sat down at my piano and played how I felt-i cried but every white and black key I hit felt right. I’m trying to learn how to leave the past in the past. I didn’t feel like myself at all last year. I was very close to giving up on my music last year. Lately, I’ve been focusing on myself. I’ve been making a lot of music. It’s the only thing i’m very passionate about. One day, i’ll let you hear my joy and my pain. I’m still trying to find my personal sound. I have an orchestral sound right now. I go on YouTube to watch Ryan Leslie and Ryan M. Tedder make instrumentals (look them up if you’re a music producer). My layers and patterns have a lot more thought because of what I’ve been through. My family and friends tell me all the time that i’m too tough on myself. It’s only because I’m constantly battling myself. When I’m making music i have nothing to worry about because I’m in control. Certain things I have no control over. I feel stronger but still weak if that makes any sense. I know I’m going to have my good and bad days but someday my good days will outweigh my bad. The good days are arriving sooner than I expected. I can feel it! (Maybe i’m feeling better because the Knicks are playing better aka WHAT A TURNAROUND! Can you say "DEEP BENCH" ??!! lol.)

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